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This product consists of two components, the device and its connected SharpEye app.
The device can work properly once powered on. After powered on, both the DVR function and
ADAS function are enabled by default. DVR and ADAS can work at the same time.
The app depends on whether the device is working or not, and whether it is connected to the
network. The app enables easy data access and flexible controls.
After the system is started, "The device has been connected " will be heard and it starts to work

  • ADAS1002
  • Vroom

1. Main chipset: CPU-Cortex A7,Dual core,GPU-Mali400MP2

2. Memory chips: 1G DDR3

3. TF Card Storage: 8GB

4. Built-in 4Ω 2W speaker

5. Power supply: DC12V

6. Max. working current: ≤0.5A

7. Working temperature:-20℃ ~ +70

8. Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ +85

9. Support cigarette lighter, ACC/B+, CAN+/CAN-, GND….

10. video Output

11. Product dimension: 138.5 × 82.0 × 49.2(MM)


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